Digital Content Strategist

We’re looking for a content strategist with an independent spirit and a deep understanding of user experience and digital product strategy. You recognize patterns, think in outlines and like to organize the ambiguous. This team member will be focused on bringing integrity to our digital products through content audits, design research, schemas, and planning. You strive for perfection, expecting a lot of yourself and those around you.

Your writing style should be clear and to the point. Though we like an attitude in our writing, how you say something comes second to what you’re trying to say. Always choose clear over clever.


- Work with clients to uncover insights, craft a story, and present it most effectively

- Watch, listen, research, interview, and analyze to get the information you need

- Collaborate with UX/UI teams to ensure information is presented clearly

- Organize complicated content into logical, meaningful flows of information

- Deliver detailed guidelines and plans to maintain products beyond launch

- Mandate consistency across all screens and content types

- Translate narratives into design decisions and vice versa

- Lead clients to the right conclusion

- Listen carefully, but fight like hell

- Rework structure of presentation decks into narratives or arguments

- Generate headlines, taglines, and video scripts that change minds

- Be a stronger copyeditor than anyone else at the office


- Bachelor’s degree (or similar) in related industry, or a great story of how you got here

- 3 years experience in enterprise digital communication or software application design

- Deep understanding of software and internet trends (Twitter doesn’t count)

- Strong client services and communication skills

- Ability to think macro and micro

- Highly collaborative

- Ability to brainstorm without ego

- Glutton for asking questions

- Aggressively high standards

- Strong attention to detail

- Experience in information architecture and content schemas

- Experience with copywriting