• Known as an independent & resourceful self-starter
  • Enjoys troubleshooting and finding the most effective ways of getting things done
  • Excited by multi-tasking & variety
  • Able to use your intuition to guide you in your priorities
  • Matter of fact and data-filled with your communication
  • Priding yourself in speedy yet precise & accurate deliveries
  • Very orderly and streamlined.
  • Prefers project-based work, but can complete and delegate tasks to completion

About The Position

The Portfolio Manager provides leadership and management to the company’s digital portfolio of programs, projects and assets by tracking resource needs, allocation, profitability, client satisfaction and production health. He/She should creates an environment that provides visibility and encourages support and feedback.

This position focuses on strategic planning as it relates to the best utilization of resources and assets, and directs the resources of the company in support of its goals. However, he/she must also be willing to 'role up their sleeves' and function as a Project Manager as needed.


  • Responsible for managing company’s portfolio to support, align and drive programs, projects and operations towards company’s values and strategic objectives.
  • Maintain constant knowledge of current and upcoming projects and business development activities.
  • Establishes and manages criteria to measure, rank and prioritize programs and projects.
  • Performs resource planning and resource allocation to ensure business assets are used in the most efficient, effective and profitable manner.
  • Responsible for managing overall resource and asset utilization through forecasting resource demand and reporting on resource utilization rate.
  • Monitors portfolio of programs, projects and resources, identifying potential instances of underutilization and actively works with department leads to address and solve those issues.
  • Work with Operations and department leads to manage program and project budgets to ensure proper invoicing execution and timing to drive return and eliminate financial risk.
  • Responsible for maturing program and project capabilities to ensure proper portfolio alignment and execution based on evolving best practices.
  • Oversee and grow the Project Management practice to ensure optimal program and project performance and client satisfaction.
  • Will serve as Project Manager on projects on an as needed basis.

More About You:

  • Have 8+ years applicable experience in portfolio, resource and/or project management experience at a design, tech or similar service based agency.
  • Have excellent interpersonal and communication skills (written and verbal).
  • Have the desire and drive to understand the extensive detail in each process and procedure to better support the organization.
  • Must be highly organized and detailed with the ability to juggle multiple priorities at one time.
  • Excellent organizational, time management, problem prevention and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to deal effectively with complex problems involving multiple facets and variables in non-standardized situations.
  • Ability to influence, obtain buy-in from teams and provide a high level of support for team’s success in the organization.

The Company

Accomplice is a strategic design agency creating consumer experiences for today’s brands — from digital products to physical spaces. We are craftsmen, designers, developers, strategists and researchers dedicated to products worth building. We focus on delivering strategic innovation, business transformation, digital products, emerging tech, immersive media & experiential spaces. We offer generous PTO and Health Benefits.